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Nov 16, 2012 9:00am EST
their input on the negotiations. >>> there are worries of a looming war between israel and hamas after more rockets were fired from gaza overnight. this morning another rocket hit the biggest city of tel aviv. yesterday was the first time in 20 years air raid sirens went off in the capital. some 500 rockets were fired from gaza since wednesday and in responsiveness israel launched 150 air strikes, killing 20 palestinians. this morning israel is amassing tasks on the border and have called up thousands of reserve troops. >>> let's look at other top stories now. we start off with a shocking accident in texas. a freight train slammed into a flat bed truck full of wounded warriors. four were killed. 17 hurt. ten of them in critical condition. the soldiers were on a parade float yesterday when the train hit them without warning. union pacific says the train did sound its horn as people jumped off the truck. it's believed the truck got stuck in the slow parade traffic leaving the float to straddle on the train tracks. >>> closer to home now, update on an amber alert we've been following. 18-year-
Nov 16, 2012 7:00am EST
are on the border of gaza preparing for a possible ground war. israel launched 150 air strikes on hamas militants, killing 20 palestinians since wednesday. >>> the former director of the cia has arrived on capitol hill to give testimony. >> general david petraeus is not talking about the sex scandal. he's attending classified hearings about the attack on in benghazi that led to the death of the american ambassador to libya and three others. he might be able to give more details about what happened. >> director petraeus went to tripoli. he interviewed many of the people, as i understood it, that were involved. so the opportunity to get his views i think are very important, is very important. >> three days after the september 11th attack, petraeus testified that it was sparked by a flash mob. petraeus will appear first before the house intelligence committee and then its senate's counterpart. tony? >>> president obama will meet with bipartisan leaders of congress this morning to discuss the fiscal cliff. he's pushing for a plan to cut the deficit that will inc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2